Thursday, March 02, 2006

DigiPede - Grid Computing for Windows Digipede Technologies is a software company delivering powerful distributed computing solutions to improve the performance of real-world business applications at any scale.

For customers with a voracious need for application performance, but little appetite for lengthy and expensive "grid enablement" consulting projects, we offer a radically simpler software alternative that saves money, time, and implementation effort. We want to help you achieve the benefits of distributed computing without the steep learning curve, expensive consultants, and wrenching organizational changes associated with current grid technologies and projects.

Our software, called the Digipede Network, helps your business to achieve dramatic improvements in application performance by dynamically applying the computing power available on your network. Benefits our customers realize include:

* Increasing revenue and profitability
* Achieving reduced time to market with new products
* Raising utilization of hardware and software assets
* Enabling new products and services
* Improving performance of existing three-tier applications
* Scaling high-value-content Web sites to meet increased volumes

We believe that software should be as simple as possible to buy, install, learn, and use. Our solution is based entirely on Microsoft .NET, allowing your users and developers to access the capabilities of our system through tools already familiar to them. Digipede is a Microsoft Gold Certified partner, led by a management team with more than 17 years experience partnering with Microsoft.

We work with clients across the spectrum - from global 100 businesses implementing major distributed computing projects, to individual researchers in small labs, departments, or businesses tying a few computers together for a particular research problem.