Monday, March 10, 2008

SigmaFlow - Best Practices Execution System SigmaFlow's enterprise and desktop software solutions elevate corporate process improvement and best practice initiatives to a significantly higher level, reducing learning curves and project completion time, while improving results and cost efficiency.

SigmaFlow allows capture and implementation of best practices, and uniquely aggregates data from multiple projects into a central repository for result analysis and reporting. Our "online/offline" architecture allows project teams to work where they are most efficient.

With SigmaFlow’s graphical Roadmaps as the basis of your project workspace, your task-specific references and tools are LINKED.

The Roadmap: illustrates what to do next, automatically populates status to a Repository, and provides the best standardization of your work.

The Repository: provides executives real-time knowledge of where each initiative is, for portfolio reporting of project status, cumulative financial savings and multi-project resource allocation.

The Result: shorter project cycle time, higher quality, easier communications, and improved knowledge transfer.