Thursday, March 13, 2008

Janeeva - Service Outsourcing Relationship Management Janeeva provides a comprehensive set of software to both users and providers of outsourcing services for Outsourcing Relationship Management (ORM).

Despite their promise, many outsourcing arrangements fall short of expectations because buyers and providers pay insufficient attention to relationship management. Successful outsourcing relationship management (ORM) requires effort on many levels. Clear processes must be established for effective communication, decision-making, conflict resolution, performance monitoring and contract management. Individuals must have a clear picture of these processes even as they change over time.

The Janeeva Assurance family of products provides a one-stop shop for governance activities of outsourced operations. With Janeeva Assurance, governance groups, providers and internal customers know exactly where to go to arrange for additional resources, raise or manage an issue, track SLAs, or compare performance across multiple providers. The transparency that can be achieved with Janeeva Assurance and the institutional memory it creates, increases efficiency of interactions, promotes trust and minimizes missed opportunities. And the wealth of data collected by Janeeva Assurance can be mined to identify trends, process bottlenecks and best practices.