Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Seadragon - Now Microsoft Photosynth Photosynth is a collaboration between Microsoft and the University of Washington based on the groundbreaking research of Noah Snavely, Steve Seitz, and Richard Szeliski.

The Photosynth Technology Preview is a taste of the newest - and, most exciting - way to view photos on a computer. The software takes a large collection of photos of a place or an object, analyzes them for similarities, and then displays the photos in a reconstructed three-dimensional space, showing you how each one relates to the next. Now think of doing that at Internet scale! This is a 3D view of the world.

In Microsoft photo collections, you can access gigabytes of photos in seconds, view a scene from nearly any angle, find similar photos with a single click, and zoom in to make the smallest detail as big as your monitor.

Simply amazing. I might try doing this for CSC HQ EMEA