Wednesday, April 12, 2006

SOA Software - Comprehensive enterprise SOA management and security SOA Software is the leading provider of comprehensive enterprise class SOA and Web services management, security, and governance solutions. It is the largest specialist vendor of SOA solutions and the only company that offers a complete SOA infrastructure solution.

SOA Software provides software and solutions for Enterprise, B2B, and Legacy SOA, with its Service Manager, XML VPN, SOLA, and Registry products. Service Manager is the industry-leading complete Web Services Management solution. It includes security, monitoring, reliability and registry services to deliver a one-stop shop for organizations building Web services and SOA. XML VPN delivers powerful B2B Web services security and provisioning as both software and an appliance. This allows companies and their partners to share internal applications as critical parts of each other’s business processes. SOLA is the only production proven mainframe Web services solution for CICS programmers. The Registry is a UDDIv3 compliant services repository, enabling comprehensive configuration and meta-data management.

These enterprise-class products combine to create the only complete SOA Infrastructure solution available today. This offers end-to-end security, monitoring, reliability, registry and provisioning capabilities for Enterprise SOA, B2B XML and Web services, and Mainframe Web services.

SOA Software is a privately held company that has raised more than $35 million and is backed by leading investors including Redpoint, Mellon Ventures, Paladin Capital Group, and Palisades Ventures Fund.