Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Fortify Software - Protect your software at the source: The code itself Fortify Software offers the industry’s most proven, accurate and effective solutions to ensure software security and mitigate risk. We help leading companies take a holistic approach to their greatest security vulnerability: the software applications that run their businesses. We work with our customers to fortify their software, protecting their vital assets against hackers and malicious users.

Our solutions include leading edge software products which automate and enhance key audit and development processes and integrate with the most popular software development platforms and testing environments. Product deployment is augmented with expert services including training, best practices guidance, and technology transfer consulting. We also partner with leading services providers in the security industry to further ensure customer success.

Enterprise customers are choosing Fortify's automated software security solutions to build, test and deploy secure applications. Leading financial services firms such as Bank of America, Fidelity and Goldman Sachs as well as commercial technology product vendors Sygate and Macromedia headline a number of new customers added within the most recent quarter. Combined with existing customers such as Wells Fargo, eBay and Financial Engines, Fortify Software is quickly becoming the de facto vendor of choice for software security products.