Friday, December 16, 2005

Endeca - Guided Navigation, Search and Analysis Information overload is eroding employee productivity. Recent studies reveal that the average corporate employee spends 25-35 per cent of their productive time searching for information to do their day-to-day job. “Our ability to create information has substantially outpaced our ability to retrieve relevant information,” claims a recent Delphi Group report (Taxonomy & Content Classification, 2002). Some estimates claim that there now exists some 250 megabytes of information for every human being – and the glut is growing.

New taxonomy software products, like Endeca and Stratify, replace the traditional, manual methods that have a number of drawbacks. Manual classifying, directory building and meta tagging require significant expenditures in terms of people and time, the former which can be inconsistent and not very scaleable.

“Many organizations have spent many years just trying to get it right,” says Paul Whitelam, Product Manager for Endeca Technologies, a Cambridge-based software company that built the Tower Records Website. “Our approach negates this and it’s done automatically as people navigate through the set. Endeca auto-indexes rather than builds from scratch… leveraging content meta data to dynamically generate the taxonomy (directory).”

Endeca is a new technology, delivered as a platform that makes it possible to deploy applications that navigate, search, and analyze data from any source.

One IT services giant uses Endeca to build an "open marketplace for consulting services". Here they sort potential consultants instantly by any and every critrion and in any order. At a particular rate, by expertise in a geo, available next Thursday, etc.