Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Cast Iron Systems - ReThink Integration

www.castironsys.com Cast Iron Systems is the most widely deployed provider of integration appliances in the world, trusted by the Global 2000 to integrate applications in days rather than months and slash application integration costs by as much as 80%. The Application Router can be installed and productive within hours of delivery, with an ROI payback in as little as four months. No other application integration solution even comes close.

How is all this possible with a single appliance? The key is in the simplicity of approach.

First generation, software-based integration solutions were designed to connect applications that were created long before the appearance of standards. As a result, they connected disparate systems using complex methodologies. Today, these complex methodologies delay integration projects and add little or no value.

Such software-based integration and distributed-systems tools forced companies to become experts in the technology rather than beneficiaries of it. Tools and development environments required a high level of expertise, and generally did not provide visibility or effective management of finished projects.

The bottom line: software-based integration solutions provide high levels of functionality but are burdened by complexity, at the expense of project timelines.

The Application Router® defines a new generation of integration solution. The latest industry standards like XML are deployed from within a point-and-click environment, enabling users to focus on the timely completion of projects that have immediate and ongoing business value, rather than on becoming masters of the underlying technology. Everything necessary to deliver integration projects in just a matter of days — connectivity, transformation, intelligent routing and full system monitoring — is delivered in a simple, yet powerful device.

The Application Router combines a straightforward "configuration not coding" approach to integration, with a comprehensive set of management tools, so companies can complete and maintain projects more quickly and easily than ever before.