Friday, September 02, 2005

Visual Insight

A trend? Visual Insight works with leaders of organizations and industries who are pioneering the use of visual communication to engage, connect, and inspire people. We are unique in that we combine content expertise (in leadership process, organizational learning, and technology) with art (specifically, the use of symbols that cross cultures, geographies and time) and long experience in journalism (objective observation and concise reporting). We do not believe in giving advice; we have the conviction that good leaders, educators and knowledge workers already have the implicit wisdom to reach their goals. Our clients say that we help them clearly understand and immediately convey their own emerging ideas, enabling them to take action with effective new communication tools.

Visual Insight was founded by Eileen Clegg after discovering the value of bringing together her experience with three disciplines: journalism, art, and research in the future of learning. The practice she calls "visual journalism" began with documenting presentations and meetings she attended for her research.

Rather than recording everything that was said, she found herself selecting the key ideas and new concepts that fit together as a coherent story. Intuitively, the story would take a literal shape as an image, through interplay of intuition, logic and old fashioned objective reporting. She began receiving calls from think tanks, conference organizers, and leadership trainers who wanted her to visually document their events. Often, clients ask us to reflect back to them what we have heard, so they can objectively assess how their ideas sound and look to others.